Discussing ways to mentor those in Domestic Violence situations with Mr. Aaron Wilkins.

Elevating Our Future

‚ÄčA Call to Action attended the Black History Luncheon at the Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum on February 9th. The theme of the luncheon was Elevating Our Future, with Merl F. Code, Sr. as the Keynote Speaker.

Mr. Code, who grew up in Seneca, shared his childhood experiences in a wonderful storytelling way and praised the town of Seneca for the way that they had worked with the African American community, even during the years when segregation was  prevalent. He discussed how working together uplifts everyone.

That is the goal of A Call to Action, working together as a community and with other organizations to educate Oconee County and working together to eradicate Domestic Violence from our county and state.

The food was delicious, the fellowship was sweet and the take away was not only entertaining but enlightening!

‚ÄčThank you to all who worked tirelessly on this wonderful event!

Merl Code's son and daughter in law.

Mrs. Suzanne Merrell and Mr. Code